3 Reasons why Standard Operating Procedures are a Necessity in Running a Successful Business

Writing SOPs for any organization can be a very time-consuming process for all involved. In fact, due to its inherent nature, this type of documentation may even require several people to supply the data required. From entry-level clerks that receive in paper documents from an external source to administrative operational assistants that complete the paperwork, there are usually quite a few steps to completion.

Whatever the case or situation, the time and effort that it takes is to document accurate procedures is more than worth it in the long run.

In fact, for those of you who want to know why SOPs are important, here are 3 reasons that validate their overall importance.

1. Loss of Expertise to Another Organization or Another Company

Companies lose good employees to other internal operations within a company all of the time. In some cases, the best talent may be recruited by a competitor who values that employee’s knowledge, skills and abilities. In either event, one of the biggest problems in these situations is losing the expertise of someone that does not have a back up to fill their shoes.

Thankfully, however, with the implementation of SOPs in businesses all over the U.S. and abroad, these kinds of issues can be kept to a minimum. This is because SOPs provide organizations with the information that they need to operate with little to no interruptions. Simply put, the details of a job are documented in writing and it gives enough details for others to step in at any point in time.

2. Excellent Tools and Resources for Training New Employees

Some jobs tend to create a lot more turnover than others. This is because some of the lower level jobs may be easy to fill or not desirable positions. When this occurs, the company must have a good training system to fill in for these gaps. Typically, this is one of the primary reasons why many companies are using their SOPs to assist them in training new employees as they come in.

3. Clearly Define Roles in an Organization

Some organizations encounter problems that may be difficult to fix, particularly when employees begin to mix and match similar roles and responsibilities. These roles can easily become blended and confusing when people are cross trained without defining specific duties, other job classes fill in the gap for open jobs for long periods of time and people work out of class regularly.

All of the situations above and more can leave an organization without clearly defined roles. While this can easily occur, there is a solution that can solve these types of issues. One of the most beneficial is documenting SOPs for each job title or jor classification. By documenting each step of any job process or procedure, it also helps to clearly define roles, duties, and responsibilities for the entire organization.


There are many different reasons why any organization will need to document and update their standard operating procedures regularly. Three of the most essential reasons include clearly defining roles in an organization, providing excellent tools and resources to train new employees, and proactively preparing for the loss of good talent to other organizations. If you’re new to SOPs and are looking for free, pre-made templates, here’s some seo sops to get started with.

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