Caffeine drink for getting work done at corporate jobs

Reasons Why You Should Drink Coffee at Work

Coffee is one of the most ubiquitous and unifying products in the world. It is, in one form or another, consumed in high volume in every corner of the earth. It is an enormous industry that employs untold millions of people from bean pickers to marketing executives. Coffee is also a cornerstone of many other sectors. Without coffee, how many of us would witness a decline in our productivity at the office? Heck, how many of us would see a noticeable drop in our overall happiness? Coffee holds tremendous power over modern society and, especially, over the contemporary worker. Here are eight compelling reasons to embrace our java overlord:

  1. It keeps you alert

As we all know, caffeine is one of the most common stimulants readily found in many domestic products. Caffeinated coffee keeps people awake and provides their central nervous systems with a boost that helps keep them productive throughout the day.

  1. Coffee breaks improve productivity

The coffee break is a 20th-century invention, becoming more prevalent following the Second World War. What is the best energy drink to help you get the job done in this day we need so much energy? A 2010 study at MIT showed that employees who take coffee breaks together demonstrate an overall improvement in their productivity. These breaks create a forum within which employees can share both personal and work-related experiences. Allowing employees to take these breaks together showed a lift in overall performance.

  1. It may help you live longer

The US National Institute for Health released a study that found a correlation between the amount of coffee consumed and the risk of death. From the study: “The researchers found that the association between coffee and reduction in risk of death increased with the amount of coffee consumed. Relative to men and women who did not drink coffee, those who consumed three or more cups of coffee per day had approximately a 10 percent lower risk of death.”

  1. It can reduce pain for desk workers

Another study conducted by the National Institute for Health concluded that consuming caffeine before performing pain-inducing computer work resulted in attenuated pain development versus subjects who did not consume caffeine. Admittedly, the sample size of the study is small, but the results show the possibility of prescribing caffeine as an everyday pain moderator.

  1. Coffee is social

Over the last 30 years, the proverbial coffee pot has assumed the role of the office water cooler. Being a coffee drinker in an office setting lends itself to more social interaction that can increase productivity. More importantly, coffee drinkers at work tend to be happier in their jobs.

  1. Your colleagues drink a lot of it

In 2011, a survey released a list of the professions that consumed the most amount of coffee. Rounding out the top 5 in the list: scientists/lab technicians, marketing/PR professionals, education administrators, writers/editors, and healthcare administrators.

  1. It can reduce sleep-deprived stress

If you are sleep-deprived, the mere aroma of coffee has been showed to reduce stress levels. A study at the Seoul National University compared the expression of certain genes and proteins in rats’ brains when exposed to the aroma of coffee. According to the study, those exposed to the coffee odor presented proteins that have healthful antioxidant properties known to protect nerve cells from stress-related damage whereas those not exposed to the coffee smell did not show these gene expressions.

  1. It keeps you trim

Numerous studies have linked the consumption of caffeine to increased metabolic activity. As such, it should come as no surprise that most commercial fat burning supplements contain caffeine. While the metabolic impact of caffeine may not be enough to eat away at that beer gut single-handedly, it doesn’t hurt to know that your body is burning fat at a higher rate as you sit at your desk and sip your cup of Joe.

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