Dramatic Turnaround Stories – Lars Windhorst, Julie Andrews and Winston Churchill

History is filled with amazing comeback stories of failed businesses experiencing a dramatic turnaround, ruined sports stars who defy all odds by returning to a winning position, Hollywood stars who have worked themselves back up to the top after suffering from serious physical setbacks and even political giants who were once considered to be washed up.

Recent examples might bring to mind Steve Jobs, who returned to Apple to lead the company to staggering success, Richard Nixon, who seemed to be finished politically after a huge loss at the polls but then won two presidential elections and tennis player Andre Agassi, who pulled himself up from the pits of despair to win the French Open title in 1999. Other than an incredible willpower, all of these amazing people and businesses International Transport seem to share another common thread – an irresistible urge to succeed.

Lars Windhorst Stages a Comeback

Lars Windhorst started his business career when he was fifteen years old and is still going strong, but it has been a career filled with ups and downs. I am not speaking of slight dips, but total failures that would destroy most businessmen. In his first business experience, Lars bought computer parts and put them together in his father’s garage. To save on costs, Windhorst sought out direct suppliers for necessary parts in the Far East and then sold the completed computers throughout Europe.

As the business grew, Lars gained fame as the Wunderkind of the German Economy and traveled on business trips with Germany’s ex-Chancellor Helmut Kohl. Already on top of the world at such a young age, Lars Windhorst continued to expand his business, called Windhorst Electronics, with international branches and hundreds of employees. As the world economy was changing, Lars Windhorst transferred his investment focus from electronics to Internet holdings.

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