one of the world’s largest scrap metal recycling companies

My Auto Store is an auxiliary of EMR, one of the world’s biggest piece metal reusing organizations.

Our best in class car dismantling plant in Camden, New Jersey has the ability to destroy 7000+ vehicles every month. We are one of the nation’s biggest car recyclers and your go-to hotspot for used auto parts any year, any make, and any model. We supply the Tri-State zone with the biggest most thorough determination of trade-in vehicle parts anyplace.

Regardless of whether you request from us on the web, by telephone, or at our lead distribution center, our parts experts are close by to give you the privilege OEM parts in time, without fail. We buy in excess of 4500 autos and trucks every single month, with every giver vehicle’s parts independently assessed and tried at different levels for quality before making it into our stock.

We are NOT your typical Junkyard: Our Commitment is to the Environment, OEM Parts, and Recycling

My Auto Store process begins with the examination and stock of the vehicle. We utilize exclusive programming to decide the best quality parts and list the things into our database. We at that point expel all perilous things, for example, liquids, gas, tires, and exhaust systems among different risky things. Every single risky thing is reused through reusing focuses explicitly intended for the unsafe material around the nation.

Now the vehicle is destroyed and just the highest caliber, OEM parts are kept in our stock with the rest being reused. When every one of the things is evacuated the vehicle is then squashed and “destroyed”. This material is then arranged among ferrous and non-ferrous metal and all non-metal (plastics, elastic, cover, and so forth.) are expelled right now. The arranged metal is then softened down and transformed into new, reused metal items. My Auto Store is associated with the entire procedure: From the running/driving vehicle to OEM parts, finishing with arranged, destroyed, reused metal. That is My Auto Store Difference!

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